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GD104 Simon Leon Lazar. Holocaust

A Requiem for the Fate of the Jews

Sales price: 8,99 €

GD205 Nanouk L'esquimau and Dracula

Sound-tracks by Christian Leroy

Sales price: 8,99 €

GD208/209 Jesus Christ. The Son of God

Fragments from the four Gospels

Sales price: 9,49 €

GD210 Canciones Sepharadicas. Alta, alta es la luna

Julia Milanova-Steiner, soprano / Nina Aladjem, piano

Sales price: 8,99 €

GD297 Vitamins, Vitamins!

Children’s Songs by Hristo Nedyalkov

Sales price: 8,99 €

GD364 May Balloons

Songs for Children’s Choir by Hristo Nedyalkov

Sales price: 8,99 €

GD2101 Merry Christmas

Christmas Carols around the World

Sales price: 8,99 €