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Vladigerov, Pancho

GD195 Vassil Arnaudov Sofia Chamber Choir. Nightingales

Irina Stiglich, piano and organ Conductors: Irina ...

Sales price: 8,99 €

GD203 Pancho Vladigerov. Compositions

Svetla Slavcheva, piano / Ventseslav Nikolov, violoncello

Sales price: 8,99 €

GD239 Pancho Vladigerov. Piano Compositions

Rada Chomakova, piano / Dessislava Shtereva, piano

Sales price: 8,99 €
Sales price: 8,99 €

GD319 Duo Yana Burova and Vesselina Tchakarova

Yana Burova, violin / Vesselina Tchakarova, piano

Sales price: 8,99 €

GD359 Mintcho Mintchev, violin

Marina Kapitanova, piano

Sales price: 8,99 €

GD360 Bruch. Zámečník. Vladigerov

Njagul Tumangelov, violin

Sales price: 8,99 €

GD364 May Balloons

Songs for Children’s Choir by Hristo Nedyalkov

Sales price: 8,99 €

GD403 Bulgarian Sketches

Works for Cello and Piano by Bulgarian Composers

Sales price: 8,99 €

GR31 Wind From the East

Victoria Terekiev, piano

Sales price: 8,99 €