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Bach, Johann Sebastian

GD217 Brevis Chamber Orchestra

Panayot Pipkov Pleven School of Music

Sales price: 8,99 €

GD221 Treasures for Violin and Guitar, vol.1

Jochen Brusch, violin / Finn Svit, guitar

Sales price: 8,99 €

GD279 J. S. Bach. Suites for Cello Solo

Velitchka Yotcheva, violoncello

Sales price: 8,99 €

GD302 Bach and Beethoven

Anton Dikov, piano

Sales price: 8,99 €

GD377 ECHO. Svetozar Ivanov, piano

Works by J. S. Bach, Erik Satie, David Del Tredici

Sales price: 8,99 €